Coops to Co-ops Farmers Market  

Emiliano and Janet Phillips started this project. Emiliano was in charge of building the team, marketing, branding and overall management. 


By the numbers:

  • More than 1,000 visitors on it's first season.

  • A 30+ vendors list. 

  • Generated more than $20,000 in income for. 

  • An email newsletter of more than 500 people. 

Here is the website for the farmers market: 

Welcome to Coops to Co-ops Farmers market!  This is a place to grow and connect, best of all it is access to fresh produce and plant based local products.

Our offerings are not just fresh veggies or fruits, you can also find local natural plant based products and honey.  For we are the first plant based market on the Eastern Shore.​

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Coops to Co-ops Videos

Farmers Market on the News

We want to provide a safe and natural space for the family and children.  


Having fresh air, birds singing and nature surrounding the farmers market, makes it a great place to breath and take a break from activities.


You can enjoy different events throughout the season, including but not limited to:

  • Wild edible plant walks

  • Cooking demonstrations

  • Guided tours around the growing fields

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Some of the advantages of buying from farmers markets is that the local food is more fresh and does not have to travel extreme long distances. You will also support the local economy with your dollars spent.

We want to involve the community in different ways. If you have any ideas or initiatives that you are working on and we can help get the word out or promote it during farmers market days, please reach out. We have enough space in our repurposed chicken house to host more than 50 different vendors and make it a thriving community space.

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