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Community  Development

Inspiring organizations in the field 

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Inspiring organizations in the field 

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(1) Entrepreneurs must know the industry in which they are seeking to mobilize resources and launch a new enterprise.

(2) They must be known by others for their abilities. Specifically, they must know the key suppliers, customers, competitors, and the talent that they need to bring into their organization. 

(3) They must also be recognized by others for their reputations and capabilities in order to gain the trust of others who will be willing to work with and invest in them. 

(Pg. 12) 

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Best-liked aspects of meetings

1) Decisions made, goals met.

2) Open atmoshpere for input of differing views. 

3) "Brainstorming" part of the process.

4) Specific agenda and focus. 

5) Full participation of all affected individuals. 

6) Willingness to deal with conflicts. 

7) Clearly defined and documented action items at the end of the meeting. 

8) Good scheduling and prompt beginning. 

9) Clear direction and prepared leadership. 

10) Good donuts. 

Least liked aspects of meetings

1) No agenda or not keeping to it.

2) No goals, lack of focus.  

3) Time wasted.

4) Lack of action, no results. 

5) Lack of preparation by the leader. 

6) Key decision makers not present.  

7) Hidden personal agendas. 

8) Dominating or uncooperative participants. 

9) Interruptions.  

10) Complaining and finger-pointing rather than constructive discussion.  

Source: Lewis B.J. (1998). "Meetings...Meetings...Meetings... Top 10 Lists" Journal of Management in Engineering. Jul/Aug98, Vol. 14 Issue 4, p7. 2p.

What separates a great team from a bunch of people who can't work together? A great team needs a good leader. He rallies the team together, gives them the big picture, and gets them focused towards the goal. He is the cheerleader who motivates the group to work towards success.

Teik Tan Chee