Checklists and their benefits

“Checklists can provide protection against elementary errors” The Checklist Manifesto

There are the simple problems, complicated and complex problems. For the simple problems, checklist are very useful since they help avoid mistakes that our memory fails us to notice. However, the complicated and complex problems are just a set of simple problems if they are broken down.

You can have operations checklists that indicate what are the actions needed for something to be accomplished with quality. There is also communication checklists, this checklists are to make sure that no communication is missed between the team.

Imagine you are a doctor and there is a patient that in a life or death situation. You don’t have all the answers and there needs to be a specialist for the heart, lungs and brain in order to make a decision. If these doctors don’t communicate appropriately, this might cause a bigger mistake. A checklist can help to make sure these crucial communications happen.

If you have a business that has complex problems, having a master checklist that guides the flow of conversations, you can avoid many mistakes.

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