The problems

Today, we have a changing society, technology is taking over all industries. Automakers have robots in their factories, supermarkets with self checkout… Tourism still goes up and with companies like AirB&B growing faster and faster, the giant company is planning on doing their IPO sometime in 2019.

There are a lot of property management companies capitalizing on the AirB&B boom. Entrepreneurs are renting and buying houses to rent on the short rental market industry. There are different ways of doing this, some people are doing at a small scale with only a few properties, others are having more at stake and have a lot more properties.

There are the luxury property management companies that are targeting the high end clientele.

No matter which property management company we are looking at, there is a link missing in automation that would have them be at par with other industries. Every home needs to be cleaned up and that is a systematic process, it’s a repetitive process and all employees have to follow a series of steps to make sure the job is done well.

Today those checklists are not digitized, more advanced companies probably use very detailed checklists and use paper. However, there are various disadvantages to doing it this way. Some of the major disadvantages include:

  • Checklist might get ruined with water or other cleaning products.

  • Harder to keep track of statistics

  • There is no feedback loop between employee and manager with the use of checklists

  • There is no option to add media (videos, various images, presentations) on paper checklists

This is where Imagi Systems comes in, we help companies in the property management industry go digital with their procedures and checklists.

The advantages of digitizing industries in general is that employees have less mistakes, they can do their jobs faster and there is a higher level of accountability.

If there is a time to shift and use technology is now. Property management companies should consider moving into the digital world if they want to keep an edge over competitors and offer higher quality standards to their customers.

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