How do processes work in Property Management company

“First, the modeler identifies the customer, then identifies the outputs of interest to the customer and lastly identifies the customer’s expectation for theses outputs in terms of time, cost and quality.” taken from the BPM Institute

Let’s talk about Property Management companies, first of all, these companies are normally ran by one person, especially when they are just getting started. The role and responsibilities are executed by the owner of the company. However, if the owner could identify the interest of the guests, in this case let’s just say that interest include:

  • Have a blast

  • Feel safe

  • Have a plan for their vacation

  • Feel taken care of and special

What are the expectations from a customer towards a property management company?

Well, it really depends on the pricing, advertising and feel of the company. If the company is offering luxury experience, then of course customers will expect luxury treatment.

If the company wants to over deliver every single time, there needs to be a thinking process behind each action, one question that could be in the background of every business process is:

What can we do as a company to have our guest feel special and enjoy their vacation? Emiliano Espinosa

With this question in the background, we can create and develop processes that will always deliver the right result, no matter the number of forks since it’s a predictable expected result.

When we dive into times and costs, it’s crucial to understand the financial output of the company. Understanding P&L and Balance Sheet Statement is important.

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