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The Community Game

Learning how to build a community by playing 

This is a strategic board game that allows players to think of new models of building sustainable communities, strong neighborhoods or simply a more cooperative space. 

Many board games promote war, sports, or other themes that have captured players' attention. The Community Game focuses on making community building more mainstream. 

A single mom, an elder, or a person without financial security, is very vulnerable when there is no community around us. Working together, sharing resources, and supporting each other visions has a huge impact on our experience and the possibilities of our accomplishments.

Some have said "It takes a village to raise a child" Why would that not apply to anyone else that is not just a child. 

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Each board game has 30 different characters. 1 map, instructions and a set of goals.


The game pushes you to learn and understand how to do things so you can apply in real life.


The characters are based on real people. Actually you can become a character and be part of The Commuity Game


This game can be played with as many players as you want. The more the merrier.


You will get to create a new community every time you play. Get better and use in your life.


We want to design new editions with specific community building themes. Such as (food systems, communication, schooling, etc.) 

The Community Game 


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